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The draught is (hopefully) over

I apologize for the long wait on new posts and reviews. Real life has a way of interfering with our interests, plus, I really have to adore or hate the book to be inspired. But, here I am now and I give you…

Guilty Pleasure Books

Oh, we have them all! Don’t tell me otherwise. You know… those books you are too embarrassed to admit you read. Your friends and family might be rolling their eyes when they hear about them, but you like them, read them, buy them and can’t get enough of them. Are you blushing? Yes, yes, you are. *laughs*

And yes, I’m going to ask you about them. But, quid pro quo is a fair play. So, here they come…

Karl May as Old Shatterhand

Every two years or so, I regress to my teenage years (surprise, surprise!). Over the period of few weeks I tend to reread all YA* books I was reading when I was sixteen or seventeen. The star writer? Karl May.

For all of you who don’t know, Karl May was a German writer (1842 – 1912) who wrote the books about wild, wild West and created the characters of Winnetou, Old Shatterhand and Old Firehand, although he visited North America only once, four years before his death, and long after he wrote his popular books. While it is obvious he has read about the West, there are some details that are just plain ridiculous: like Old Shatterhand burning the cacti in the desert to create the clouds and thus rain! But, I loved these books when I was a kid and I love them still, ridiculousness included. There’s so much innocence in them as well as belief that that all men are created equal and should live in piece. Considering how our world is – more people should read May’s books. However, I must say that if you didn’t read these books when you were younger, they probably wouldn’t have the same appeal.

Before the movie, Brokeback Mountain was a story by Annie Proulx

Gay romance. I’m addicted. Girls (and why not, boys), just imagine: everything you like in het romance plus two hot men. There is nothing better. Like any romance really, there is a lot of trash there, but when it works – it really works!

Also, they have a certain egalitarian feel to them. Not in the physical sense – after all, men can be abused, looked down on, manipulated the same way as women. I’m talking more about psychology here. You know how they say: men are from Mars, women are from Venus? Well, it’s interesting to read the story where two characters both have similar makeup, i.e. they are both Martians (lol!).

Additionally, there is no woman in this world who didn’t face a bigotry in one form or another. Reading about people who experience much, much worse on a daily basis can really make you reevaluate your views on life.

Cover of J.R.Ward's Lover Mine

J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Oh, boy… The series can’t be seen as Literature by any stretch of imagination, but… I… just… don’t… care! *laughs*

From the fact that it’s about hip-hop listening, leather-wearing, sex-on-legs, foul-mouthed, angst-ridden vampires to sometimes over-the-top, quasi-cool language and plain ol’ gore– I just don’t care!

Several people have pointed out that this series is like crack – once you start reading, there is no way out. While my experience with the said drug is fortunately non-existent, the series is addictive to the nth degree and BDB Anonymous have another member, unwilling to go through their 12 steps.

I just finished the latest installment, Lover Mine (released on April 27th) and I’m already thinking: Who can wait a YEAR for the next book?!

So… That was embarrassing. Or not. *laughs* I like what I like.

Tell me about your Guilty Pleasure Books. NAO!

* Young Adult


._. you make think which of all my books make me feel ashamed. xDDDDD dirty pleasures!! Oh, boy! I have so much of them.

My first one is "Shannara" a series of novels written by Terry Brooks, but I just have 3 or 4 of them. My friends who are fans of Tolkein always said that Shanara was horrible and recomende me other "high" lectures xDDD but I still read them sometimes...

Other... well i don't feel ashamed is just that I always talk about this book and speak a lot about "the Great OM" xDDDDD ic an't imagine my life without that book xDDDD is amazing!!! And a great critizism about many things all by Terry Pratchett.
You can see more here:



And my Mosqueteers xDDDDDD all my family hates that... but I can't simply stop to read about them... Dumas is my true love.<3<3<3
I might edit my original post to say that I don't REALLY think people should be embarrassed for anything they read, because it sure beats not reading at all. ~_^

Anyway, I have the first Shannara novel - The Sword of Shannara and, while I don't think it was really horrible, I still prefer some other fantasy books (LOTR, of course, Jordan's Wheel of Time and Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire, for example).

I am probably one of the two people in the world who never read anything by Pratchett and whenever I try to rectify that - something else catches my eye. One of these days, one of these days...

Ah, Dumas, always... XD
xDDDD yes, i'm agree!!

Really? ^^~ they're good but i prefer Ursula K. Leguin or Salvatore. Maybe, qhen i have a little more time, i'll read the authors you mentioned. xDDDDDD

xDDDD He's wonderfull and funny i can't stay serious while i'm reading Pratchett xDDDDD

Yeah!! Dumas is the king!!! xDDDD rigth now i'm re-reading The Count of Montecristo *__* because i saw Gankotsuou xDDDDD and i have to campare them xDDD
Eurhm...not that I'm ashamed or anything...I think I'm just amused that after all these years, they're still my favorites. Forget books with content, give me my Smurfs!!! XD

La Schtroumpfette

Ronja, the Robber's Daughter
Ah, the Smurfs! I have so much love for Azrael. It's not uncommon that cat is smarter its the master. XD

I've never read Ronja, but reviews are great. I might look into it. Children's books can be really great. But, so many books, so little time...
Hmmm, I'm not sure it counts really...but I like Junjou Romantica (manga). I tend not to read anything of that genre, but that one particular manga has caught me. I really like the characters, the romance, the artwork, etc.
I was thinking more about books, but reading is reading, right? XD

I read (or I used to read) a lot of yaoi manga, but never Junjou Romantica. I know it's quite popular, but somehow I never read it. People say it's very funny, which is always a plus for me. I just might check it out. ^^
Yeah I figured you meant "proper" books, but that was all that would come to mind at the time. XD