April 29th, 2010


The draught is (hopefully) over

I apologize for the long wait on new posts and reviews. Real life has a way of interfering with our interests, plus, I really have to adore or hate the book to be inspired. But, here I am now and I give you…

Guilty Pleasure Books

Oh, we have them all! Don’t tell me otherwise. You know… those books you are too embarrassed to admit you read. Your friends and family might be rolling their eyes when they hear about them, but you like them, read them, buy them and can’t get enough of them. Are you blushing? Yes, yes, you are. *laughs*

And yes, I’m going to ask you about them. But, quid pro quo is a fair play. So, here they come…

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So… That was embarrassing. Or not. *laughs* I like what I like.

Tell me about your Guilty Pleasure Books. NAO!

* Young Adult